Regulated Entities in the Republic of Ireland are going to be required to be SeMS compliant by the end of September 2021.

So, what is SeMS?

A Security Management System (SeMS) provides an entity with a framework of operating principles and guidance which enable it to enhance it’s aviation security performance by proactively managing risks, threats, and areas where there are gaps and vulnerabilities which may have a negative impact on that performance.

The principles of SeMS are simple, each entity will be able to assess it’s own security compliance and instead of focusing on purely meeting the baseline standard they should be in a position to foresee emerging threats and respond competently in advance.

SeMS is:

  • Based on a risk-driven framework designed to embed security within your operations and culture.
  • SeMS is suitable for any entity within the aviation sector, regardless of size or operation.

Implementing SeMS

We believe the implementation of SeMS is straightforward:

  • we help organisations to incorporate or develop existing governance arrangements, systems and processes wherever possible.
  • we do not prescribe additional or specific IT systems or platforms.
  • we are committed to providing support to entities to ensure they may exploit the opportunities and efficiencies a SeMS offers.
  • we are here to help during this roll-out in whatever way that we can : conducting audits, helping you compile a SeMS assessment specific to your organisation or
    training your staff.

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